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The Public Domain Collection displays animated GIFs excerpted from historical, copyright-free videos found on Internet Archive.

Giphoscope n. 64 | Symptoms in schizophrenia (1940s)

The 24 frame animated GIF is excerpted from Symptoms in schizophrenia, a 1940s video showing masked mental patients enacting various schizophrenic symptoms.
The Giphoscope n. 64 has a brushed brass holding frame, with burnished brass details, double disks in iron & brass instead of plexiglass; the base is an original and rare 300 years old italian walnut. 


Price: € 649, delivery worldwide included.

Giphoscope n. 138 | The Man with the Rubber Head (1901)

Animated GIF excerpted from The Man with the Rubber Head, a 1901 silent French fantasy film directed by Georges Méliès.

The Giphoscope n. 138 has an aluminum frame with black velvet details and black painted wood base with aluminum plaque.


Price: € 249, delivery worldwide included.

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