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Giphoscope Raro. Precious (E)motion.

The Raro is the luxury version of the Giphoscope. With a polished brass holding frame, details rounded by hand and a marble base, the Giphoscope Raro stands out for its exquisite craftsmaship and the attention to details. Thanks to the Giphoscope Raro, your precious digital memories - GIFs, short video-clips and even a single picture - becomes a timeless, one-off, luxurious work of art and craftsmanship with endless possibilities.

How to order your tailor made Giphoscope Raro. The process is very easy: you just have to fill the form below with all the informations required and proceed with payment. Once the form is completed, you will receive a confirmation email. 

You can also send us your favorite digital video directly from the order form. We will check the video and we will send you back in few hours one or more digital animations excerpted from your content. Once your favorite animation is selected and approved, we will begin the construction. Please have a look to the list below for all technical details and informations about the Giphoscope Raro. Need more help? Send us an email:

Giphoscope Raro details

  • € 649 (worldwide delivery included)

  • Construction time: 4/5 working days

  • Delivery with courier: 2/3 working days

  • Entirely handcrafted in Italy

  • Dimensions: 17x13x17,5 cm.

  • 24 frames

  • Squared brass holding frame

  • Details rounded by hand

  • Marble base

  • Customizable text for the plaque

  • Tailor made packaging

  • Photoset of the construction process

  • Tracking link

Questions about

the Giphoscope Raro? 

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