The Giphoscope. Handmade Analog GIF Player.


As GIF creators - OKKULT Motion Pictures is our brainchild - we know it's very easy to show/share an animated GIF on the web, but it's hard to find an offline GIF player to exhibit and sell a GIF as a single, unique artwork.

We have conceived, designed and handcrafted the Giphoscope with the objective of proposing to artists/galleries/

museums/collectors a minimalistic, unconventional, retrofuturistic analog GIF player, entirely tailor made and handmade in ItalyThanks to Giphoscope, animated GIF becomes a tangible and exclusive artwork.


The Giphoscope is inspired by the Mutoscope, an early motion picture device, patented by Herman Casler on November 21, 1894. 
The Mutoscope worked on the same principle as the "flip book". The individual image frames were conventional black-and-white, silver-based photographic prints on tough, flexible opaque cards. Rather than being bound into a booklet, the cards were attached to a circular core. A reel typically held about 850 cards, giving a viewing time of about a minute (from Wikipedia).




Building a tailor made & handmade analog GIF player requires passion, patience and precision. The construction of the Giphoscope begins  only after receiving the animated GIF to assemble: this allows first to check how the GIF is adaptable to the player, and secondly to choose colors and quality of aluminum, wood and screws according to the color palette of the artwork.


After this first preliminary step of analysis and selection, we can begin with the construction: we have to cut and assemble metal parts, shape and paint the wooden base, and then print, cut and mount the animated GIF.


The result of this meticulous work is a unique piece created to display and make your GIF even more beautiful.

Technical Details

- Conceived, designed and hancrafted by Marco Calabrese & Alessandro Scali at Officina K, Turin, Italy .
- Tailor made.
- Metallic structure in aluminium, support in wood (italian walnut or other fine woods).
- Aluminium frame about 13 x 10 cm.
- Crank with ball bearings.
- Plays 24 frames animated gifs/video sequences.
- Requires the interaction of the public.